Ari Bader-Natal

Minerva Active Learning Forum (2012-now)

Seminar on Steroids

Technology enables the Minerva Schools at KGI, but the education defines it. I work with the amazing Minerva faculty to imagine and build technologies to achieve Minerva's educational vision.

2015 - Active Learning Forum, in practice

The Active Learning Forum is Minerva's core technology platform, and the Active Learning Seminar is its centerpiece. During my first two years at Minerva, I devoted most of my time to designing and prototyping the Seminar, with the goal of developing a learning venue tailored for meaningful seminar discussion and targeted formative feedback. I worked with the very talented engineering team to turn these validated explorations into core components of Minerva's learning environment. I'm incredibly proud of what we've created.

What does a seminar look like on the Active Learning Forum? What does it mean to learn and teach in this classroom? While I frequently try to explain in conversation how this unusual classroom enables new forms of learning and teaching, it's much easier to communicate by showing it in action...

2013 - Active Learning Forum, in theory

Prior to our first class enrolling, we prepared a video focused entirely on showing what the student experience would be like in a class held in the Active Learning Forum. Early vision, circa 2013.

Technology for formative feedback

More recently, I designed and prototyped the first version of Minerva's technology to support formative assessment, designed to evaluate student participation in the Active Learning Seminar classroom, with respect to critical thinking. The discussion assessment tool makes a cameo appearance in the 2015 video.

Technology for curriculum design and management

Most recently, I led the development of a new curriculum design system for Minerva's Active Learning Forum. No videos or screenshots of this technology have been released publicly yet. Once they are, I'll include them here.