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Forget UserVoice and GetSatisfaction. Send me your feature requests through YouTube

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Dennis Daniels is more effective than you are at getting his feature requests heard. Why? Because every one of his requests comes in the form of a screencast video uploaded to YouTube. He has, literally, thousands of them online already, and he added seven to the count this week while looking at Sketchpad this week. I have to say, I have not seen a more effective way of requesting a new feature, suggesting a change, or demonstrating a bug. Each one the screencasts that Dennis recorded about Sketchpad has been both fun for me to watch -- he appreciates many of the my favorite Sketchpad features -- and difficult as well, as he struggles to find things that I built but didn't make easy to discover. His screencasts are one part feature request and one part user testing session. For me, the guy who's building the application, it's a fascinating mix. Here are links to a few of them:

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