Education 2.0 is on the Radar

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There’s a new series of articles being posted on the O’Reilly Radar, and I’m liking it: Education 2.0. The posts touch on several different topics: the role of the DIY ethic in the Maker classroom, ways in which schools will change as a process of disintermediation sets in, and reflections on plans for change, areas for change, models for change, and how to shape projects for change.

The posts are chock-full of interesting ideas, such as this one from Rob Tucker:

Ed 2.0 isn’t only or even primarily about technology. It is about arming students with the tools and the fierce determination they will need to learn with and through that technology. It is about encouraging intellectual entrepreneurship - creating of our students hundreds of millions of one-person startups, kludging their way to happiness and success.

Even when it’s exciting, a one-person startup sounds like a lonely endeavor. Will the same be true for the Ed 2.0 learner?