Education for an Open Web

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The Mozilla Foundation and the Shuttleworth Foundation are jointly offering an Education for the Open Web Fellowship:

We invite applications from individuals interested in developing innovative approaches that educate people how to promote the open web. …Ideas can connect the open web with learners of any age: opening up the world of web citizenship to include kids; encouraging high school students to learn from the bendable and hackable world of the Internet; helping people in their 20s learn the skills they need to create wealth or find work in the web era. …ideas need not focus on formal learning within the education system. In fact, informal learning approaches that draw on the fluid nature of the Internet are highly encouraged.

Kudos to Mozilla and Shuttleworth on a great program. In it, they pose the question: Can you imagine your idea reaching thousands of people? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?

Also, I should mention:

The fellow must reside in either Europe or Brasil, and be fluent in English.

Found via OpenEducationNews