New Publication: "Incorporating game mechanics into a network of online study groups"

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Bader-Natal, A. Incorporating game mechanics into a network of online study groups. Supplementary Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED-2009). Intelligent Educational Games workshop, 2009.
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The recent movement towards publishing open educational resources has increased the variety and quantity of learning materials available to students outside of the traditional classroom environment. Several core characteristics of the classroom environment, however, are difficult to offer through a web-based interface, including: (1) interaction and camaraderie among a cohort of peers, (2) the ability to get "real-time" answers to pressing questions, and (3) a motivating force to keep the student engaged over time. An online learning environment can approximate the value of peer cohorts and live question-answering by supporting (and encouraging) synchronous interactions among individuals studying a common topic. A learning system can motivate participation and collaboration by incorporating elements of game mechanics in the activity. We discuss Grockit, a recently-launched website that combines a virtual study group format with multi-player game dynamics to provide an engaging live collaborative learning environment for geographically-dispersed learners.