How many different ways can you misspell ''accommodation''?

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I spotted this clever website today (via), which plots the number of Google results for various spellings of one particular expression.

I, too, have generated statistics on various spellings of particular words, and have just yesterday posted them online. This includes about 100,000 spellings of about 3,000 English words, collected through the SpellBEE activity, as part of my dissertation work. So if you’ve been wondering about the relative frequency of various misspellings of the word “accommodation”, you can now rest easy: check out spellbee_errors1.txt. Details, descriptions, and downloads are here.



BZ wrote on May 29, 2008
Very interesting - it's similar to my research a few Talk Like A Pirate Days ago on different spellings of "arrrr". I thought I was doing something original, and was shocked to learn that there's a lot more out there.