70 pound commuting

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I’d argue that the particular bicycle that you own is much less interesting than the way that you choose to use it. And there is no shortage of different types of bicycle usage (check out the lists compiled by Momentum Magazine and the CTC.) I use my bicycle primarily for 70 pound commutes. Which suggests that I’m not interested in carbon fiber components or in clever weight-shaving tips. So what am I interested in?

I want my bicycle commute to be as safe, practical, and as enjoyable as possible. This is, and will continue to be, the underlying theme of the bikes portion of this blog. And this is also the criteria I use when deciding what to bring along while commuting. If the result weighs 70 lbs, so be it.


  • Old 21-speed mountain bike
  • full fenders (for rainy days),
  • rear rack and panniers for carrying my cargo: clothes for the day, laptop and accessories, assortment school books and papers
  • rain gear for me and my cargo (forecast dependent)
  • glasses (sun and clear)
  • U-Lock and 6-foot cable


  • helmet
  • water bottle
  • LEDs everywhere: front white light, rear red bright LED, side lighting (i.e. Hokey Spokes)
  • reflectors and tape, plastered everywhere.


  • Being dressed appropriately for the weather
  • Powergrips up or down, depending on the day
  • And a nice sound system!



tyler wrote on November 17, 2008
great! I agree man..