The following papers will be included in the workshop:

Rasyidi Johan and Susan Bull. Promoting Collaboration and Discussion of Misconceptions Using Open Learner Models
Jeonhyung Kang, Jihie Kim and Erin Shaw. Modeling Successful vs. Unsuccessful Threaded Discussions
Chunyan Miao, Han Yu, Zhiqi Shen and Xuehong Tao. Agents for Collaborative Learning in Virtual Worlds
Erin Walker, Nikol Rummel and Ken Koedinger. Assessing, Modeling, and Supporting Helping Behaviors in Computer-Mediated Peer Tutoring
Ari Bader-Natal. Combining peer-assistance and peer-assessment in a synchronous collaborative learning activity
Rohit Kumar and Carolyn Rose. Conversational Tutors with Rich Interactive Behaviors that support Collaborative Learning
Asterhan and Schwarz. Assisting the facilitator: Striking a balance between intelligent and human support of computer-mediated discussions