Ari Bader-Natal

Signs of a #leanstartup in the Etherpad source code

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I've recently been playing around with Etherpad, which was generously open-sourced by Google after they acquired AppJet. It is a fantastic piece of work, and I've enjoyed exploring the source code and brainstorming new applications for the technology.

My favorite find, so far, is in the billing controller:

function _processPaypalPurchase() {
  var domain = domains.getRequestDomainId();
  billing.log({type: "paypal-attempt", 
               domain: domain, 
               message: "Someone tried to use paypal to pay for on-demand."+
                " They got an error message. If this happens a lot, we should implement paypal."})
  _validationError('billingPurchaseType', "There was an error contacting PayPal. Please try another payment type.")

I read this as a sign of a Lean Startup in action.